a look at life and beyond

Carmen Louis Tassone

     A man's life is but a second on the giant clock of time, yet what incredible opportunity for growth, diversity and experience exists within our allotted "three score and ten!" It is that very knowledge that our days on earth are numbered that can sometimes bring just the right amount of seriousness and urgency to our patterns of existence, making us reach heights we never though possible.
     When the reader begins reading almost any of these poems by Carmen Louis Tassone, there will be a sense of anticipation, of hope, and of identification. In Time, Mr. Tassone offers at once a stirring tribute to man's abilities and triumphs, but also an effectively honest portrayal of less joyous motives: betrayal, depression, lost dreams. This engaging collection is, however, designed for exciting pleasure by the beauty of its thoughts, and the warmly expressed sincerity it evokes can't help but enchant all its readers.
     Writing out of a varied and rich background, intensified by who knows what mysteries of the spirit, Carmen Tassone has a unique poetic voice destined to capture and enrich his readers. His poems cover a broad range of topics, including life's meaning, trusted friends, memoirs good and bad, the essence of love, and, of course, how "time" plays a role in all our lives. In the author/poet's own words, "Time is the opening of one mind, hoping to open other minds. With the opening of our minds come new ideas, new hopes, new dreams, and a better understanding of ourselves and the lives we lead."
     The poetry of Carmen Tassone is a pleasure and an inspiration to read. His poems reach out to feelings we may have lost contact with in our constant and ever-changing search for our real self. With the message of strength and spirit behind his verse, the poet will assuredly set the reader to thinking about his or her own life and environment. It is in that recognition and basis of thought that this poet secures a foundation for his writing. It is well within the goal of initiating another's thoughts that he thrives.
     Highly recommended for its touching intimacy as well as its epic vision, Time, by Carmen Louis Tassone, is the poetry of today. It is poetry that will be enthusiastically read and reread many times over.

Time is the delicate thoughts of one, expressed to all.
This book is dedicated to my two lovely children,
to all my wonderful brothers and sisters,
to my supportive friends,
and to a man named Roger.
I do this in memory of my brother Rocco.


Time (part one)
The Cloth Drapes Over His Soul
A Dream Only Dreamt
Tender Arms
Time (part two)
The Flight of the Pilot
Trusted Responsibility
Remember When
In a Moment's Notice
The Gift of Love
For You and Me
A Humble Man
Waters Rushes By
Time (part three)

Time is an expression of complete and utter honesty, and is meant to heal the pains of all by opening the heart of one.  Please feel free to contact me and tell me what you think of my book of writings.  I welcome your comments.  Thank you for visiting my site; take care and God bless.


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