let freedom ring
When Freedom Calls
by Carmen Tassone

Shock fades to anger,
Anger to pain,
Pain to remorse
     —Through emotions denied and fought,
          We set a divine course to keep.

Mourning wakes the dawn with a nightmare.
Lady Liberty weeps and shakes the terror from her hair.
"I apologize for a generation lost unto itself,
     But I fear many a tear they shall undoubtedly shed."

A year has gone,
A year to remember,
A year to reflect
     —Few ever learn what the past has taught,
          'less we forget the past to teach.

Patriotism takes our country by storm.
Old Glory might be tattered and torn, but it still waves high.
"In battle, men have fallen in hopes to keep me aloft,
     But in peace, men have risen in hopes of keeping me down."

Eagle takes flight,
To fight,
For liberty
     —To restrain what rusty chains of war may wrought.
          To keep our Republic safe and free for future generations.

Brave hearts defend freedom and even your distain for them,
But never forget or ever let their sacrifices go without appreciation.