AJust One of My Unique Interface Designsnyone, with a personal computer and a little know how, can create a Web site, but creating a Web site that keeps them coming back is another story.  Knowledge of Web development tools and their techniques is a plus, but from my experience, I have found creativity to be key.  Creativity is how the site is designed, creativity is how the visitor interacts with the site, and creativity is how the content is presented.  I see creativity as the glue that holds the entire site together. 

I have created Web sites professionally.  Some contained a modest 20 or 30 pages, while others contained hundreds of pages.  Although each site varied in size and complexity, each was designed with a unique user interface that was accompanied with original graphic art and content, which, in my opinion, encourages visitors to return.  Coding special effects using JavaScript and animation require a good knowledge of the technologies, but without the added ability to create new and appealing imagery, the sites would have been bland and lifeless. 

indent.gif (832 bytes)As with most visual media, getting the viewer’s attention immediately is paramount, keeping their attention is vital, and making them come back is the challenge.  However, don’t presume the moment a design is created, the job is over; on the contrary, the process has just begun.  Once a design is reached, refreshing site content and refining its design are ongoing chores; that is, until the publisher decides to let the site die.

On this site, I will look at three Web designers and compare their approaches to Web design to my own.  I will also summarize some of what each offers to its clients. The three sites that I have chosen for this assignment are listed below.  Clicking on these links will take you to their perspective Web sites.  Links for their reviews are located at the bottom of the page, as well as, on the sidebar to the left.

  1. Atomic Vision

  2. Sladekutter

  3. Arachnophobia Web Design

Good Web site design doesn't come easy.  And reviewing these Web designs was no easy task either.  However, reviewing these three Web designers taught me a lot, and I learned that my views on Web design are not far off from those who do it well.  Although these sites scale artistry in their own way, I am convinced, through time, Web development will improve beyond the current levels, as individuals and businesses aspire for more productive ways to utilize the Web.

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