the consent of being governed

Stealing A Presidency
by Carmen Tassone

et me be the first (Or would that be the second?  Third?) to announce Al Gore as our 43rd president of the United States.  I say this because I am confident that when the dust settles and all the chad have been swept up, Al Gore will have more than enough votes to beat Bush.  Why?  Simple.  Voter fraud and tainting the vote sample.
     I do not put anything past Gore, the current administration and Janet Reno to scam the American people out of a potentially great president, George W. Bush.  Al Gore has to steal this election to win.  He has no other option.  And if he has to lie, cheat or steal to become president of our country, I believe he will.  Plain and simple.
     I think Governor Bush is an honest man who has more integrity in his little toe than Al Gore has in his entire body.  I feel Bush can unite this nation and keep it prosperous, while Gore will divide our nation and destroy our economy.  This can be easily observed by his actions in Florida and the reaction on Wall Street.  And if you thought the tricks he is now pulling on your retirement funds were extreme, just wait and see what he has in store for us all when he is president.
     But as for the votes in Florida, must I remind the reader that Florida is Reno territory?  And yes, I'm suggesting voter fraud, because it has happened while Reno was Florida's Attorney General, and it will not surprise me if it happens again.  Only this time it will not determine a mayor, but rather our next president.   And if Reno can take a little boy out of a home at gun point, I think she can hand Gore this election with ease. 
     However, let me digress.  Throughout the race for president, we've often heard the press and others in the media wonder when we would see the real Al Gore.  And you know what?  I think we have.  A person concerned for his or her country would have conceded to George W. Bush, but not Al.  I believe Al Gore's willingness to covert the laws in Florida reveals his lack of integrity, honesty and honor, and it shows his inability to lead a nation, and it gives good reason why he should not be president.
     So what I think we are seeing in Florida is a good indication of what type of president Al Gore will be.  To steal the election, he flew hundreds of lawyers to Florida to distort the law and make things go his way.  "Cheat if you have to," must've been his rallying cry.  But don't worry Al, the fix is in.  If you take care of Reno, she'll take care of you.
     If that wasn't disturbing enough, the fact that even before the first recount had been completed, Gore's attorneys vowed to overturn any Bush victory.  Is this the type of man the American people want to have run their country?  I'm stumped.  I truly do not understand what some people are thinking.  This will no doubt come back to bite them in the ass someday.
     However, no matter the final results, one thing is clear.  These past days have shown Gore's true colors.  And I can tell you that they're not red, white or blue.  From what I've seen, Gore cares nothing of our country.  He cares only about his own self-worth and ambitions.
     A true patriot would not drag our country through these legal wranglings and recounts, both placing our country in a Constitutional crisis.  Even Richard Nixon was wise enough and patriotic enough to know when to toss in the towel.
     A true patriot would not divide our nation, but rather try to unite it.  A true patriot would concede for the sake of our country, but I don't see Al as either.  I don't see him concerned about our nation, nor do I see him as an American patriot.
     I just want to congratulation the American people on their fine choice of Al Gore.  Way to go!  You've just elected a president that is going to be even worse than Bill Clinton.