the consent of being governed

In Search Of A Patriot
by Carmen Tassone

Only in an era when political and moral corruption are ignored and cast aside for a popularity contest is it possible to witness the destruction of a nation.  No other time in the history of our republic have the American people ever been more shamed, more disgraced, and more disheartened than when a courageous leader has been stolen from us.  From Martin to Jack, from Robert to Malcolm, from Lincoln to Lennon, great American leaders who have been stolen because of their beliefs and commitments to our country.  And now I believe one more might be added to this long distinguished list; only this time it will not be a bullet but a ballot that steals another voice from us and changes the future of our country.
     Whether this ballot is fraudulent or not, it will be as fatal as a bullet.  I feel this ballot will forever be held in contempt by the American people and scrutinized by generations to come.  What's more, the union of our United States is at stake.  The longer this wrangling goes on about who won Florida's electoral votes, the larger the gap between our nation will become.  At present, I see the only way to stop the splitting of our nation is for one man to set aside his personal desires in becoming the next president and do what is in the best interest of our nation--concede the election.  What is needed is a patriot.
     Although I feel the best person to become our 43rd president is George W. Bush, I feel Al Gore will only stop recounting ballots in Florida when he reaches an outcome he likes.  I don't believe he will ever concede.  In my heart, I believe Gore cares very little about our country or the people within.  I think he cares more about becoming president.  Meanwhile, our country is splitting and spiraling into an uncertain future, threatening to tear itself apart.  The people and the market do not like uncertainty.  And so, to prevent further damage to our nation, I call on a patriot to rise from beneath this uncertainty and concede for the sake of the country.  This is now beyond a single person.  It's about the state of our nation.  I don't believe Gore is a patriot, and therefore, I call upon Governor Bush to save our nation and to give up Florida.  I feel Bush is a true patriot and he will do what's best for our country, even if it means allowing Al Gore to become our next president.