the consent of being governed

The Truth in Numbers
by Carmen Tassone

Here is something to think about in this historic scam being pulled over on the American people.  If you look at the numbers in this election, it is truly ironic that Gore suggests he won the popular vote, but Bush didn't win Florida.
     The numbers show how insulting this illusion truly is, and why it should not determine the results of the election.  Some have revealed their ignorance by suggesting we should get rid of the Electoral College because Gore got the popular vote.  But the Electoral College was designed to prevent what is happening today.
     In any case, however, let's just look at the numbers.  For instance, as of today CNN is reporting the current count in Florida as Bush 2,911,872 and Gore 2,910,942.  This gives Bush a lead of 0.9997%.  Nearly one percent.  But if we look at the national numbers, we'll find an even smaller margin of victory for Gore.
     Gore has 49,921,267 votes, while Bush has 49,658,276 votes nationally according to CNN.  Now this equates to just 0.9947%.  A little less than Bush's lead in Florida.  However, if Gore can use these figures to claim he won the popular vote, then George W. has the right to use the same rational and claim his victory in Florida and the presidential election.
     Gore might have won the popularity contest, but without the hand recounts that are breaking Florida law, he did not win the Electoral College, and he should concede the election.  Now if he is allowed to overturn the race in Florida by corrupting the electoral system and using voter fraud, it will be a sad, sad day for our republic. A day I doubt we'll be able to recover from.