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Give Me Back My Republic!
by Carmen Tassone

S Thomas E. Franklin/AP - A Pulitzer winning photo in my view.
eptember eleventh will be remembered as the day America finally woke up and became a Republic again.  For decades she has slept in the false comfort of an imaginary defense woven by liberal policies, political correctness, and Godless buffoons.
     For years the Left have tried to change her from a constitutional republic to a socialist democracy.  I say, if the Left truly want to live in a socialist democracy then they should go find one.  There are plenty to choose from in this world.  And I'll bet the Left would have no problem finding an American who would be willing to pay their airfare.
     For far too long the Left have weakened our Republic with their liberal policies and their political agendas.  They care nothing for this Republic, nor for which she stands.  And with the attacks on the eleventh as exhibit "A" the Left has decimated her ability to even defend herself.  And the hands of the liberal media are just as bloody.  For decades they have rammed the Left's agenda down the throat of America.  Oh yes, I'm upset, very upset and I blame them.  I blame them all!  And what's more, I say to them "Give me back my Republic!"
     They've tainted her and stained her.  They've battered her and bloodied her--almost beyond recognition, but I know her.  I know her well.  She's the one with God on her side.  The one the world envies but loves to criticize.  She's the one standing high above twisted metal-flesh suicides.  The one who holds us together when humanity threatens to fall apart.  She's the one our forefathers wrought.  The one the Left abhor.  The same one I myself adore.  Oh yes, I know her.  I know her very well.  And unlike them, I will care for her and bring her back to good health.  I will appreciate her and never forget her.  I will never abandon or ever neglect her, for she is my country, my Republic, and forever she will stand.

     Since the 70's, liberal policies have hamstrung the NSA, CIA and FBI.  The Left believe these agencies are anti-progressive, which in their view means these agencies do nothing but "bad things."  And so, over the past thirty years the liberals have crippled the very agencies that were created to protect our country, our liberty, and our freedom.

The Legacy
     More recently, while in office Bill Clinton, the man who swore to protect our nation, our Constitution, and our people, prevented the CIA from doing its job.  I suspect Clinton did this to cover-up his own treasonous activities, but he did it nonetheless.
     Clinton and his cronies, John Deutch the CIA Director and his assistant Nora Slatkin, implemented a policy that kept the agency from employing informants who had violated human rights.  This policy was the brainchild of Senator Robert Torricelli who led congressional efforts in the mid-1990s to keep the CIA in check, but he now has the audacity to wonder what went wrong.  Well Mr. Torricelli, I'll tell you what went wrong.  You and the Clinton administration left America vulnerable to attacks.  Liberals like you believe your leftist views are good for America, when in fact, they are not.  I hold you, the liberal media and the Clinton administration responsible for the attacks and the deaths that occurred on the eleventh.
     The "Torricelli Principle" eliminated the CIA's ability to employ terrorists, criminals and anyone else who had information on people or groups our government was investigating.  And just to show how much of a lowlife these people really are, both Clinton and Torricelli went on national television and denied having any responsibility for a policy they created, advocated and inacted.  And just like times of old, the liberal media spoonfeed the Left's malarky to America.  This tells me nothing has changed.  America is still being lied to and liberal policies that led to our current crisis will continue to be implemented.  The real tragedy in all of this is only a few Americans are questioning the motives of these people, and the rest of America is swallowing the Left's bullshit.
     Now I shouldn't have to remind anyone of Clinton shaking his finger at America, looking us square in the face and telling us a lie.  I can't believe anything that spews out of that man's mouth.  Absolutely nothing!  For me, his motives, his actions and his words cannot be taken at face value.  Clinton does everything for a reason, and I believe that reason is normally money.  God only knows what damage Clinton and the rest of the liberals have caused to our national security.  But alas, I fear we Americans shall soon learn the true legacy of the Clinton administration and what harm he has done to our Republic.
     For instance, the airliner that hit the south tower probably could have been intercepted had it not been for Clinton.  Before Clinton entered office, New York City had an air defense.  A fighter wing in New Jersey protected the Big Apple and could have prevented the second plane from hitting the World Trade Center, but because Clinton cut defense, he had the fighter wing closed.  When the first plane hit the north tower, the closest fighter wing that could respond to the attack was in Massachusetts.  The two F-16 Falcons arrived on the scene fifteen minutes after United's Flight 175 hit the south tower.  And because the south tower fell first and caught everyone by surprise, it probably killed more people than the collapse of the north tower.  Now, you tell me who is at fault here.
     What's more, in 1999 and 2000, the Clinton administation naturalized 5.6 million resident aliens--1.6 million in California alone.  This was done purely for political reasons.  Under Al Gore's direction, the INS expedited naturalizations in key States (Washington, Illinois, Michigan, Florida and California) in hopes he'd win the 2000 election.  A similar phenomenon occurred just prior to the 1996 elections.  Imagine that.  But more importantly, by expediting these naturalizations, the INS bypassed safeguards that would normally prevent criminals and terrorists to enter our country.  But because of Clinton's selfishness and Gore's anything to win attitude, America is now flooded with criminals and terrorists from all parts of the world.  Is anyone seeing the big picture here?
     No, not yet?  How about the Clinton-Gore failed foreign policy.  Before they took office, America was the sole superpower who had just won the Cold War, and we had the respect of our friends and enemies alike.  But after just eight years of Clinton and Gore, America now is hated by a good portion of the world, we lost the respect of our friends and enemies alike, our national security secrets have been compromised, and we've been attacked by terrorists a half a world away.  And although the attacks took place on Bush's watch, the attacks were a long time in the making--maybe five or six years.  Bush has been in office for less than nine months.  I want to know "Where the hell was the previous administation during the other four or five years?"  Obviously, not protecting our country.  Still need more?
     Well, what about Clinton and Gore's payoff from the major air carriers after TWA Flight 800 exploded off the East Coast.  Together TWA, American Airlines, Delta, United and Northwest gave the Democratic Party over a million dollars for diluting security procedures that were recommended by a presidential commission on airline safety.  Some of the recommendations included "baggage matching and enhanced training for airport screeners."  Would the tragic attacks still have occurred if Clinton would have lived up to his oath to protect America?
     There is no way of knowing for sure, but there are two things that are for certain.  One, Clinton had the IRS turn a blind eye to terrorists while he had them pursue his personal enemies.  I believe the current administration will discover the money used to finance the September 11th attacks were collected by terrorists here at home, while the Clinton administration did nothing to prevent it.  And because of this, Americans unknowingly paid for the distruction of the World Trade Center.
     And two, Clinton refused to take out bin Laden when he had the chance.  In 1996, Clinton passed on Sudan's offer to turn over bin Laden to the US.  The ex-president claims he could not figure out how to bring the terrorist to justice.  This from the man who questioned the word "is."  And in December of 2000, our military knew exactly where bin Laden was located and they were ready to take him out, but Clinton declined to give the "green light."  I truly believe the twin towers would still be standing if Clinton would have given the order, but he didn't.  Why?  Well, if my premise holds true, he probably did it for the money.  In my view, Clinton and anyone associated with him, particularly Hillary, is guilty of causing grave damage to our Republic and each should be held accountable.

The Towers
     Generally, liberals implement foolhardy environmental protection programs blindly without regard to the consequences.  One liberal program could be argued as the reason for the premature collapse of the World Trade Towers.  Each tower fell two to three hours sooner than originally designed.  Time enough for most if not all to escape.  Some reports have speculated that the 800 to 1100 degree temperatures generated by the jet fuel caused the premature collapse.  Although the fires did indeed bring down the towers, the fires were not the cause for the hasty implosion.  Herbert Levine, the inventor of asbestos spray fireproofing, was familiar with the construction of the twin towers and knew if a large fire occurred above the sixty-fourth floor, the towers would come crashing down long before the designers had planned.  Levine predicted thirty years ago, "If a fire breaks out above the 64th floor, that building will fall down."
     Reason: In 1971, while the towers were being built, New York City, like many metropolitans, adopted an environmental policy that banned the use of asbestos in building construction because of junk-science.  It is generally believed asbestos particles are harmful to human health.  Although this is true for prolonged exposure, at the time the best technique known to improve heat stress levels on steel columns envolved using asbestos.  The banned technique sprayed wet asbestos onto steel, and once the insulation dried, the metal's ability to withstand high temperatures dramatically improved.  Unfortunately, only the first sixty-four floors of each tower used this technique.  And from what we all witnessed on September 11th, whatever the builders used as a replacement on the higher floors did nothing to improve the metal's ability to withstand high temperatures.
Kaia Larsen/AP      In addition, the architect designed the towers to withstand the crashing force of a Boeing 707.  And even though the Boeing 767s didn't knock over the towers, the pancake implosion we all witnessed was part of the original design to eliminate damage to the surrounding buildings if the towers did come down.  This worked exactly as designed, however because of the ban on asbestos and the fact that the planes hit the towers above the sixty-fourth floor, the original design that called for at least four hours of evacuation time, turned into just 56 minutes for the south tower and just over an hour and a half for the north tower.
     It is also apparent the workers in the towers or the firefighters going to the scene knew of the danger caused by a fire above the sixty-fourth floor.  This in itself is reprehensible.  These people should have known.  They should have been told to get out quickly.  Some victims had no idea of the danger they were in as they told their loved ones they were safe since the fires were many floors below.  I myself was shocked when the towers came down.  I can not begin to imagine the horror that these people must have gone through as the towers came down. 
     Where the construction of the Pentagon succeeded, the construction of the twin towers failed.  Indeed the renovations on the Pentagon--bulletproof glass and Kevlar reinforced walls--reduced deaths and injuries, but the environmental policy that hampered the construction of the twin towers could be argued as an indirect cause for many, probably thousands of people losing their lives.

The Left
     Furthermore, the Left have turned a blind eye to our nation's security and ignored the will of our adversaries.  I've heard it said, "This is not the time to point fingers.  This is a time when we should pull together."  I agree, but if we are to prevent future attacks on our country, we must know why they occurred.  Also, have you not noticed the people who are saying "don't point fingers" are the same people who have weakened America's defense?  The same people who called our President a coward for not returning to our nation's Capitol when it was under attack.  The same people who have banned the flying of our flag.  The same people who fear Americans may learn they are partially to blame for these attacks.  I truly do not know what sickens me more.  What the fanatics have done to our cities, or what the Left have done to our Republic?
     Everything the Left have worked for came down with the World Trade Center.  It is truly unfortunate thousands have had to lose their lives before we finally realized what dangers lurk in the real world and what the Left has done to our beloved Republic.  Yet, the tragic attacks on our nation have revitalized patriotism and the liberal pundits aren't all too happy.  Liberals have revealed their true colors since the attacks, especially those who have criticized our President and those who have banned our nation's symbol--Old GloryKieran Doherty/Reuters If you have ever wondered why the Right believes the Left is wrong for our country, just look back to the past eleven days and you shall see.  Evil does indeed beget evil.

The War
     And so, we look to our brothers in arms, for our Republic needs them now more than ever.  A long fight maybe on the rise, but our military must come to her defense and restore her glory.  This war began long before the September rains, but let the eleveth stand as a reminder to all who wish our country harm.  Our Republic is awake, she is strong, and she will take no more.  God bless our Republic, her people, and all for which she stands.