the consent of being governed

1527 Military Ballots Tossed
by Carmen Tassone

iUncle Gore Wants You, Not Your Vote!f Gore's intentions were not clear to the American people a week ago, his intentions are surely crystal clear today.  He will try to steal this election at any cost, even if it means destroying our country.  I can not say that he is trying to win this election, because he has lost the election.  The only way he can gain access to the Oval Office now is by stealing the presidency from George W. Bush.  Gore can never win this election now, he can only steal it.
     In addition, I believe Gore has once again shown his hand by disallowing 1,527 military ballots in Florida.  Ballots that were cast by the same people Gore wants to command.  The same people who put their lives on the line everyday to protect you and me, our nation and our Constitution.  I'm sorry, but this act alone should tell the American what type of president Al Gore will be.  Plus, this flagrant, un-American act of obstructing a citizen's Constitutional right to vote should give good reason as to why this man should never command our military, our country, or our economy.
     From Gore's calls for recount after recount of highly Democratic counties in Florida, it is very clear to me that he is trying to steal this election from Bush.  I can only laugh when I hear Gore claim that these hand-recounts of cherry picked Democratic counties is fair and accurate.  But on the contrary, fairness and accuracy can not be reached with the Democratic partisanship in these counties.  In all actuality Gore has lost the election, and he and his supports refuse to accept this fact, and they are now on a crusade to overturn the will of the people.
     Gore and his 500 lawyers have descended on Florida and are trying to scurry up votes that are legally and rightfully not there.  Gore, I believe, will use any means to steal this election, even if it means he has to taint the vote in Florida and the will of the people of this great nation.  After he is in office he will concern himself about public relations.  Most likely he and his liberal-biased media friends will spin his un-American acts as some vast rightwing conspiracy, or something to that affect.
     Also, it's becoming more and more obvious to me why Gore began his run for the oval office.  He is trying to keep himself, as well as many others, out of prison.  This, I believe, is his ultimate and primary motivation.
     I believe if George W. Bush becomes our next president, he will uncover the wrong doings that Gore and his minions have committed against our country and against the American people.  With Bush in office, I see Gore and his cohorts facing criminal charges for their illegal activities that extend beyond the White House.  I truly believe there is no other motive that can explain his resolve in stealing this election, even if it means cheating and/or dragging America through a Constitutional crisis.  And especially now when he has dared to disenfranchise the men and women in our armed services.  Through this act alone, Gore has revealed his true colors, non of which I believe are red, white or blue.