moments alone

Midnight Stroll
by: Carmen L. Tassone

While walking in the silent moments of evening,
I found, for a brief moment, peace of mind.
The chaotic hours of daylight always leave me powerless,
and to no reason of my own,
I usually lose the common chances gained in life.

Who said we must live life in strife
and feel weak or meaningless.
The truth of the self is all but in the asking,
but few realize that they hold the keys
that will open the doors to their opportunities.

Should one day you fall upon a moment like this,
when you feel that the pressure of the day too much,
and it breaks you to the point where giving up seems the only way.
Take a moment to embrace this kind thought,
and know you can make the difference for yourself and others.

Sheltered by the past, I'm comforted by this very thought in my daily routine.
I search not for the hope of man or its surfacing.
But, rather, I search within myself to reveal I too can take part in life
and follow my dreams to completion;
where I too can at least catch a momentary glimpse of peace of mind.

So, during my walk, I yearned for days gone by,
hoping to cross paths with my destiny.
South I may turn, but self-desire or deception are not my guide.
I turn because of the gales of inevitability
steer me to my lasting and marking ability.

So, farewell my friend and take chances that others may pass.
Know you are holding the keys to your golden means;
And fear not what you do not know,
but rather challenge yourself to best the bars
that hold you captive behind doors once closed.