the consent of being governed

A Letter to My Republic
by Carmen Tassone

DOur Republic is on the verge of ruin.ear Liberty, source of our freedoms and independence, where have you gone?  Our Republic is splitting and it appears all has been for naught.  Those who had willingly laid down their lives to keep you safe and away from obscurity have forfeited their sacrifices as our Republic now is on the verge of ruin.  Oh Sweet Liberty, please forgive those who have abandoned you, "for they know not what they do."  And now we find ourselves in our hour of need, but you are no where to be found.  And as I stand on my knees, I pray for your revival and I hope for a time when we will finally learn how to protect you from malicious hands that deal in greed and egocentric aspirations.  For your purity sake and the sake of my countrymen and women, I pray this time will be relatively short and you will once again grace us all with your kind presence.
     Our Lady Justice, balancing the scales between right and wrong, I hope you do not desert the American people, especially now in our time of need.  I beg of you Lady Justice to affirm the rule of law and right the wrongs committed against our nation, for your wisdom and your blessings of fidelity are our only hope.  Presently, our Republic threatens to collapse from the weight of a complete disregard for our laws and our Constitution, while the theft of our Liberty's innocence is held in the balance.  America's future is at the mercy of corrupt agents under orders to triumph without care of the people's interests or what is best for our country.  And so, I send out this plea for you to cast your balanced decree, in hopes it will be final and it will uphold the laws of our nation, our Constitution and the will of the people.  I do this in hopes you will bring to a halt the perversion of our laws, while in the same breath, I pray your ruling will ensure the preservation of our Union.
     In these past weeks, I've wept and prayed for my Republic, because I've felt the night air grow cold and I've heard the wind howl a frightening thought, "nevermore."  All the while, the threat of an interloper gaining safe passage to the private chambers of ourThe rape of our sweet liberties. Sweet Liberty is mounting and is evident.  Only you, dear Lady of Justice, offer any hope of preventing the rape of our Sweet Liberty.  You have the power to rescue her from the clutches of iniquity and save her from a foreseeable adulteration, while you have the ability to keep our Republic united.  I pray to the "God We Trust" you have the will, the strength and the courage to do so.

Carmen Louis Tassone
-- An American who is simply in love with his country
November 22, 2000