there's no way out of here

by Carmen Tassone

My over zealous nature may have gotten the better of me this time, and a faint memory of my mother's warning echoes chillingly through my mind. I was only trying to satisfy my uncontrollable lust,, and when I first stood on the tin roof I thought I was well outside harm's grasp. I know I didn't fall into the round hole in the roof accidentally; I went willingly, but only in hope to taste the sweet nectar within.
     But now, I float in a fizzling black ocean, and my body and limbs are slowed, and movement is difficult. The cold dark sea is calm except for random eruptions on its surface. Moments earlier, one such murmur burst in front of me with a fizzling snap spraying a sticky mist onto my face. It tickled my nose, and its syrupy flavor tingled my mouth and put me at ease, sending my fears aloft, reminding me why I plundered through the hole above.
     Looking up, I see the distant hole I fearlessly trespassed. A shaft of light tunnels through the hole with hopes of my escape. Hanging motionless from the ceiling, pointing straight down, is the hole's door. If I had a rope I might be able to lasso the door and pull myself from this dark abode; but, alas, I have no rope or any other climbing gear handy, except for my hands and legs. The round light coming through shines onto the black sea and a small portion of the wall directly to my left. Cold and numb, I struggle my way towards the light's warmth. After a few moments of arms frantically flying and legs desperately kicking, I finally reach my desired destination and rest, out of breath, in the light provided. Looking past the light, I am shocked at what I see. The wall has no end. Spotted reflections reveal the wall encircles the entire black sea and holds me captive. My escape seems impossible. Examining the entire wall, I see no windows or doors that could offer me safe passage. The only way out appears to be the way in which I came, but it's to far for me to reach. I test the shiny wall near me, but I find it too smooth, and it grants me no grip to climb. Trapped like a rat; my heart sinks, and I feel myself sink as well.
     But then suddenly, the warm light is lost and night dawns quickly; and, understandably, my fears return. The once calm sea now rages and begins to thrash me against the metallic wall. With a quick shift in the tide, I tumble beneath black foaming waves. I feel the pressure of the sea rise beneath me, pushing me upward toward the hole in which I came; as if I were falling. I find myself at the top, near the hole, near the door. The merciless current tows me toward the opening, but I reach out and grab the door. I refuse to let go. And as quickly as it departed, the light returns, and with it comes the black sea, rushing back through my escape route. The black sea tries to pry me from my roost, but I refuse to let go. With a vibrating splash the sea fell and slapped the wall beneath me as if to punish it for making such a disturbance. Hanging one handed, I shake the wetness from my head, and I see the calm black sea below.
     The thin tin door's edges are sharp, and I feel my grip slipping, but back into the black sea below is not my intention. So, I tightly wrap my arms and legs around the thin door. I arch my back, and though still wet and stiff, I stretch my wings to their fullest and begin to flap. Slow at first, but now faster. With wings dry, I let loose my death grip around the door, and I fall a bit before the air catches beneath my wings. I zip through the hole in which I came, and buzz above the red canister for a few seconds and then land on top the tin roof once more. Stretching my limbs of their stiffness, I rest momentarily. Such a trauma won't be easily forgotten, and I will tell all my friends about my ordeal. Dry and free, I take flight towards home, but not before I take one triumphant look back.