let freedom ring
America's Worst Enemy Lies Within
by Carmen Tassone

or the past few months I've remained silent, watching as the Democrats and the mainstream media churn out their liberal spin in an attempt to destroy our economy, our president, and all his efforts to keep our country safe from terror.  They want the economy to tank and they want Bush to fail.  I truly believe liberals are willing to sacrifice our personal liberties and our country's security just so they can remain in power.
     Ever since George W. Bush became our forty-third president, the left have touted their liberal rhetoric and seeked a way to demoralize him.  They've tried to use his wife and children against him.  They've hoped his past would come back to haunt him.  Even the late night talk show hosts have jabbed their punchlines at him to knock down his approval ratings.  With all these attacks, I can only conclude they are afraid of him.  The only thing they can think of doing is to demoralize him, so they can win more seats this upcoming mid-term elections.
     To do this the liberals will use any means to distort the truth and mislead the American people.  Sure, they'll say it's for the good of our country, but I can assure you they don't give a rat's ass about our country.  Their actions have only one design--to win seats in Congress.  However, a glorious day in our Republic's history when the Dems are finally removed from power and Stonewall Daschle is forced to crawl back beneath the rock from which he came, allowing our government to once again serve the people.
     Sadly, this is what the liberals fail to remember.  It is not about them, nor about party lines.  They are in D.C. to serve the American people.  They are there to protect our Constitution and our nation from our enemies!  I truly believe in times like these, anyone interested in politics alone has no interest in the security and welfare of our country.
     Immediately after 9-11, the liberals attacked President Bush.  First they wanted to know what he knew and when he knew it.  Without any evidence, the liberals claimed he knew of the attacks and did nothing to prevent them.  The Democrats also tried to absolve themselves from the attacks, but they are in fact directly responsible for them.  I hold all liberals, primarily Bill Clinton responsible.  He could have had bin Laden at least three times during his presidency, but he did nothing.  Nothing!  Sudan was going to deliver Osama on a silver platter, but Clinton said no.  Why!  Additionally, Clinton left our country vulnerable to attacks with his defense cuts, and he also left our intelligence agencies blind and handcuffed with the Torricelli principle, which he invoked with an executive order.
     Over the past eleven months, the liberal media and the Democrats have attacked our president relentlessly, but they have only left the American people questioning the integrity of all our politicians.  The liberal efforts have caused Bush's approval rating to slump, but his ratings are still relatively high.
     The most recent attacks on Bush were to blame him for corporate corruption and the downturn of our economy.  They even had the gall to accuse him of the immoral behavior of corporate America.  Please!  Where the hell have they been for the past ten years.  If immoral behavior was encouraged by anyone, it was by Clinton.  What's more, we are just now learning that "cooking the books" was not just a practice used by some corporate accountants.
     During the last two years of the Clinton administration, the government had over reported economic figures and corporate earnings by 30 percent.  Corporate heads are facing long prison terms for this very crime.  The cooked economic figures were meant to help Al Gore win the 2000 election by misleading the American people in believing Clinton and Gore were responsible for a booming economy, when in fact it was weakening.  Before Clinton left office we were in fact in an economic decline and at the verge a recession.  Bush's tax cuts are exactly what the economy needs, but the democrats will not allow them to go into effect.  They've posponed them for years and will try to eliminate them down the road when nobody is looking.  But when the economy does recover, the liberals will not give Bush the credit.
     And yet, the attacks continue.  The liberal attacks are not just attempts to assassinate Bush's character; they are also direct assaults on the American people and our way of life.  They are weakening our economy, our markets, and our ability to defend ourselves.  The attacks are fodder for our enemies, but the liberals care nothing about that.  They actually believe what they are doing is good for our country.  But I disagree.  You cannot tear down a wall without leaving yourself vulnerable.  In fact, I truly believe their actions are aiding and giving comfort to our country's enemies--an act in and of itself treasonous.
     Liberals are not attacking our president for our country's sake.  They are attacking him for their own self-interests.  They are motivated only by what is good for them, nothing more and nothing less.  Liberals only do what promotes their agenda.  They care nothing about the American people or of our great Republic.
     Finally, with November growing near, liberals are becoming desperate.  They are actually willing to lie about our president in hopes to stay in power.  Last month, Time magazine published a story claiming the Clinton administration gave Bush a plan to go after bin Laden, but Bush dropped the ball.  This is simply not so.  I don't believe there was a plan.  Hell, the Clinton administration was uncooperative at best when they left office.  They tried their damnedest to slow the transfer of power.  The Government Administration Office refused to give Cheney the keys to his new office.  Bush and Cheney had to work out of their own homes.  In short, the outgoing administration refused to even accept the incoming.  Do you actually believe they would cooperate with the Bush administration in a matter Clinton himself cared nothing about?  Hell, during his last two years in office Clinton didn't even see the head of the CIA.
     And that reminds me, today there are still many liberals who refuse to accept Bush as our president.  Some have gone as far as to say Bush was not elected, but rather appointed by the Supreme Court.  I just want to say, the Supreme Court only stepped in when Gore tried to steal the election.  Everyone knows Gore wasn't going to stop counting until he got enough votes, whether they were real or not.  Gore has got to be the most unpatriotic person I've ever seen run for the oval office.  He cared nothing of our country as he dragged the Constitution, and us with it through the mud.  And if he accomplished anything, he make our electoral process and our country the laughingstock of the world.
     And yet another lie has been perpetrated upon the American people.  Last week, the New York Times published an article claiming Bush received a 12 million dollar kickback while serving as governor of Texas.  Again, another claim that is just not true.  If the columnist or the newspaper truly cared about reporting the truth, they would have known Bush wasn't governor when he sold his share in the Texas baseball team.  All I can say about that article is it simply reported false information in an attempt to mislead the American public.
     But that is how the liberals operate.  Lie to the American people and distort the truth, so come election day the voters won't remember what really happened, they'll just recall something negative about the person running for office.  They simply want you to be fat, dumb and dependent on the government.  That way these poverty pimps can stay in power.  This is also why liberals have limited your first amendment right 60 days prior to an election.  Political speech censored!  And yet the first amendment solely prohibits the abridgment of this very right.  My God, what has become of my beloved Republic!