parting ways

Distant Shadows
by: Carmen L. Tassone

We've crossed paths
     and journeyed many a mile;
Weathered dreadful storms
     and pledged our friendship vows.
We've gained much wisdom through
     our delights and trails.
And forged a friendship that has
     lasted up ‘til now.
          Our distant shadows waded
               across stretched fields
                    waiting for us to plow.

But now scarlet is the face with no safe place left to hide.
And morning breaks promises and fades friendships once tried.
I run toward childhood beliefs praying for the pain to subside,
but the mourning wakes for me and my foolish pride.
     Our distant shadows cast upon waning moments past
          when honesty died.

Yes, we've crossed many bridges and journeyed many miles;
Overcame painful tragedies and maintained our friendship vows.
We've grown much wiser and closer than time normally allows,
but no longer are we ‘companied by friendship-familiar smiles.
     Our distant shadows sailed to the edge of heaven
          and fell heavy out of style.

Oh, how the yearning overtakes my breath,
     lost in moments gone by.
To return when reasons weren't needed,
     nor the crimson in your eyes.
We lived the moment without hidden agendas
     and without make-believe disguise,
but longing for the past will never rid
     the disgrace I've invited into our lives.
          Only distant shadows remind me what's behind me
               as I bid you this last good-bye.