a few words from the publisher

Welcome to my little corner on the world-wide-web.  My name is Carmen Tassone and this is my on-line portfolio.  Within these pages you will find personal and professional Web designs that I have created over the past five years.  Some were created as projects for college courses, others were created when I worked as a Web designer in Tokyo, and others were pages I created just for the art of it.  Also on this site, you will find paintings, drawings and computer graphics that I've created over the years.

As for the Web, itself, I find it to be the perfect medium to blend my writing and artistic talents with my programming skills, culminating into what I hope are pages that not only please the eye, but also the mind's eye as well.  For me, unbound vision is essential to my writings, Web pages and artwork.  Like a feather on a breeze, I let my imagination take me away when I write and paint; and where I land is up to my creativity.

And for me, the Web incites creativity, and its designs are limited by the minds of those who think the possible, while the realm of possibilities is limitless as long as there are those who can imagine and create the impossible.  So when reading my writings, some more obscure than others, let the creative winds that chanced to cross my path carry you too to the places I but glanced from afar.  I've only begun to explore the quietness of my imagination, and I am only happy to share my journey with you. 

I hope you will enjoy the pages within this site, and I hope you will return frequently.  As always, I am open to new ideas, so please e-mail me your comments and/or suggestions.  Take care and God bless.